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Cherry Chesterfield - Medium Flat Leather Planter - Upcycled

Image of Cherry Chesterfield - Medium Flat Leather Planter - Upcycled
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These small leather hanging planters are 22cm in diameter flat and are hung from coordinating leather cord.

Precision laser cut, the planter stretches to the size of your pot. To give you an idea of what sized pot can be held in the large planter, the pot pictured meaures 12cm high and 12cm in diameter. My mum also hangs her basil in the kitchen in this size and the pot is larger at 14cm high and 15cm in diameter.

This 'Flat Leather Planter' is made from upcycled leather which started its life on an Chesterfield couch now etched with the Little Potter logo, so you know you have an original. It is a deep cherry red on the outside and the inside suede is red as pictured.

I have heaps of beautiful earthy toned colours and they are also available in a larger size so check out the rest of the range.

Please note, all colours are limited edition so if you like what you see, grab it while you can.

Note the picture of the planter hanging is not the Cherry Chesterfield colour. This image is intended to show you what the planter looks like when hanging.