Give a %

Little Potter

Give a %

My friend Pat started One Percent Collective as a way for individuals and businesses to give a %, a % of their income that is, to some amazing causes.

I've basically known Pat since I was born as he ran a charity called SpinningTop with my mum, now they are both on the board there. I raised money for them too selling drawings when I was 4, but that's a whole other story.

Anyway, Little Potter is a proud supporter of One Percent Collective, giving a % of profits back to the community and the best part is ALL the money I give them goes TO the charity!

They support such cool charities like SpinningTop, Garden to Table (we have that at our school), Kaibosh, the Neo Natal Trust and more. You can read about their stories here.

So every purchase you make through Little Potter will be supporting amazing charities and doing amazing things.

Thanks for your support.