Little Potter


Dark Chocolate Large Flat Leather Shopper - Upcycled Leather

Image of Dark Chocolate Large Flat Leather Shopper - Upcycled Leather

The Little Potter 'Flat Leather Shopper' is made from 100% Leather in New Zealand.

It is precision laser cut to my Little Potter custom pattern, which is created from just ONE piece of leather.

These babies are super strong and versitile. We weight tested them for hours with 4.5kg and were still standing strong! Although lets not be silly and try to break them!

They are literally flat when not in use, so make for easy storage in the bottom of your handbag, breifcase or backpack. Then whip it out and shop in style when needed.

This 'Flat Leather Shopper' is made from upcycled leather which started its life on a couch now etched with the Little Potter logo, so you know you have an original. It is a deep cherry red on the outside and the inside suede is red as pictured.

Flat size: Approx 46.5cm x 45cm
Wanna see how much goodness fits into each size bag? Checkout the Watch page here:

Please note, I have done my very best to get the colours photographed correct, however this could vary from the device you are viewing this on. The hanging image is not the actual leather bag, it is the exact same pattern and is intended to show you how it looks once full.

All Little Potter products are limited edition colours, so get in quick!